The Choir’s Memoirs


Friday June 15th

St. Richard’s Day Mass in the cathedral.  It should have been on Saturday – 16th – but it had to be during the school week.

Some nice music, including Schutte’s Mass, and two new hymns.  The first ‘Someone’ was sung by the children of St. Richard’s school, and later ‘Love One Another’ sung by St. Richard’s choir.

The cathedral is a good place to sing in – nice and ‘echoey’ – so that ‘Love One Another’ sounded really good.  The voices were so clear I could almost recognise some of them.

Roll on Church Unity, then Catholics will get more chances to sing in the  Anglican cathedrals!

Sunday June 17th

At Mass ‘Seek ye first’ was, appropriately enough, the first hymn.  ‘Gifts of Bread and Wine’ we discovered, although it sounds like an Offertory hymn, is in fact a communion hymn.  (At least, I hadn’t realised it before).  We finished with Cardinal Newman’s ‘Praise to the Holiest in the Height.’

Sunday 24th June

First Holy Communion Mass.  Some really good music, including ‘Love One Another,’ sung by Hazel, Becky, Sandie, Anna, Barbara, and Niki.  Also that wonderful chant ‘Eat This Bread, with its perfect fourths, perfect fifths, and octaves.

Sunday 8th July

Parish Mass for all three churches, so hymns that everyone knows, ‘Soul of my Saviour’ etc.  Also ‘One Bread, One Body’, always a nice hymn.

Must see what Mass in Mons is like next week.

Sunday 15th July